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ZMQ Technologies Private Limited
ZMQ is a ‘Technology for Development’ social enterprise, which identifies critical social problems of poor, rural, under-privileged & unreached communities; develops practical technology-linked solutions; implements it on the ground by building a system-changing model by providing timely information to communities & connecting them with sustainable life-saving products and services. ZMQ’s methodology to solve these social problems is based on a ‘System-changing’ approach, and works on multiple converging issues like healthcare, education, livelihood and climate change.

ZMQ is set-up as a hybrid with 2 entities - ZMQ Technologies and ZMQ Development. ZMQ Technologies is a consulting company which develops ‘technology for development’ solutions for governments, international agencies, NGOs, CSRs and other development programs. ZMQ Development is a non-profit organization which develops, implements and establishes sustainable system changing models on the ground by working closely with communities, health workers, government and other stakeholders. This makes ZMQ a self-sustained social enterprise, co-existing hand in hand to achieve its social goals.
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